Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Programme

About the Programme

The purpose of the Continuing Pharmacy Education (“CPE”) Programme for registered pharmacists is to encourage pharmacists to keep themselves up-to-date about the current development of professional knowledge and skills in various areas of practice with an aim to up keep their professional standard at all times. The Postgraduate Pharmacy and Training Development Committee (“the Committee”) has been appointed by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (“the Board”) to implement the CPE Programme for registered pharmacists.

Principles of CPE Activities

The accredited CPE activities should be relevant to the practising knowledge and skills in the pharmacy profession. Meanwhile, activities which are not directly related to pharmacy professional knowledge but could facilitate the practice of pharmacists, e.g. knowledge on relevant laws, information technology relating to the pharmacy profession as well as interpersonal communication skills, may also be recognised as CPE activities for earning CPE points.

Duration of CPE Cycle

The duration of CPE cycle is one year and will start on 1 June each year and end on 31 May of the following year.

Target Participants

All registered pharmacists are welcomed to enrol in the CPE Programme.

Scope of CPE Activities

The following CPE activities shall be recognised for earning CPE points –
(a) local CPE programmes provided by accredited CPE Programme Providers;
(b) local CPE activities not provided by accredited CPE Programme Providers but recognised by the CPE Administrators based on the information submitted; and
(c) non-local CPE activities organised by non-local pharmacy boards and pharmacists’ associations recognised by the CPE Administrators.

The CPE Programme will cover a wide range of activities with different modes of delivery, including online mode and physical attendance, as well as self-study learning.

Credit Point System

The CPE Programme is based on a “credit point system” with CPE points awarded for participantion in recognised CPE activities offered by CPE Programme Providers accredited by the CPE Administrators or CPE activities recognised by the CPE Administrators. CPE points will be awarded for CPE activities completed during the cycle. The CPE points accumulated within one CPE cycle cannot be carried forward to the next cycle. Besides, multiple attendance of a CPE activity on the same topic at the same level within a CPE cycle will not be counted for additional CPE points. If a CPE course straddles with two CPE cycles, the calculation of CPE points for the pharmacist concerned should be based on “approved hours of attendance” attained in the respective cvycles.

Award of Certification Upon Satisfacotry Completion of CPE Assessment

The Board may award CPE certificates to pharmacists who have satisfactorily accumulated 15 CPE points within a CPE cycle as a recognition of their continuous pursuit of professional knowledge and participation in the CPE Programme. The certificate will bear the wording “This certifies that [Name of Pharmacist] has fulfilled the requirements for Continuing Professional Education for Registered Pharmacists during the period from 1 June 20XX to 31 May 20XX”. Such a certificate can be displayed as appropriate.

Since participation in the CPE Programme is currently voluntary, no action will be taken against the pharmacists who earn less than 15 CPE points within a CPE cycle.