How could pharmacists support residential care facilities?

Pharmacists could establish safe medication management system in old-age homes by supporting their staff to follow guidelines in drug management; communicate and cooperate with other health professionals from hospitals, Department of Health and the Social Welfare Department; introduce advanced technology to establish a complete, accurate and timely drug record; as well as provide medication training and courses for staff at old-age homes.

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Service targets

This service targets residents and staff at residential care facilities.

Service aims and objectives

  • To enhance medication dispensing efficiency and safety at residential care facilities.
  • To boost good health management and care for residents, as healthcare staff would have more time to spend with residents due to shortened dispensing time.
  • To encourage multidisciplinary team cooperation between various health providers.

Expected outcomes

Individuals would receive better care as healthcare staff at old-age homes acquired knowledge on medication and advanced technology that could lead to safe dispensing and administration of medicines, and support healthcare staff to make appropriate decisions when providing care to residents.